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How to Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy

I was quite upset when I visited a doctor with my daughter for her regular checkup. When the pediatrician order a cholesterol test for my daughter, I was surprised to know that my kid has up to 20% of high lipid levels. This startled me as it is a high-risk factor for the heart. While the pediatrician asked for some more test to ascertain the cause of this, he suggested me a few things that any kid can do to keep their heart health in the long run.

A Daily Physical Activity:

Our kids need to move their bodies for at least one hour every day. Physical activity is a must to have a healthy heart. Exercise not only helps us physically, but it also enhances the child’s self-esteem, mood, and sleep.

My daughters love to jump, climb, and play in our local park where there is new playground equipment. Kids engage in free play every day. Besides all that, go out for a family walk and aerobic activities like rope jumping to meet daily physical activity goal.

Eat Healthily:

Heart-friendly diet is mandatory for a healthy heart. We must design a balanced diet for our kids, which includes all the required nutrition. This diet plan should also cut their salt, sugar, and saturated fats intake.

You can also take dietary suggestions from your doctor. Check your existing diet intake and see what changes you can make in it to improve your health. Read the nutrition facts label of the products that you buy. This will help your kids avoid foods that have added sodium and sugar. After that, plan to follow the recommended serving sizes and limit portions. In the end, load up on fruits and vegetables. Include whole grains in your diet and other foods that support a healthy heart.

Maintain Your Weight:

Your heart health depends a lot upon gaining or losing weight. That is why it is pertinent to educate our kids about the things that they can use to maintain a healthy weight. Children must learn to protect their heats now to have a healthy one for the rest of their lives.

One way to determine whether your children’s are overweight or underweight is through the BMI or body mass index. To have a healthy BMI, design, and maintain a diet plan that includes healthy meals. Also, develop an exercise routine that supports a healthy weight gain or weight loss.

Stay Hydrated :

Having enough water improves almost all the body’s functions. When kids play at the local park or in school playground equipment, give them their water bottles as water increases the heart’s ability to pump blood properly. Cut sodas or artificial juices from your kid’s diet. Doctors recommend that water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated.

Daily kids should drink at least 8 ounces of water per year of age. And after they are eight years old, this should go up to 64 ounces. Give your kids water bottles before going to school or for playing.

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